Whigville Falls

Whigville, April's End (Whigville Falls on Whigville Brook, Burlington, Connecticut)
“Whigville, April’s End”
Whigville Falls on Whigville Brook,
Burlington, Connecticut

As springtime awakens the forest from its winter slumber, Whigville Brook channels a deluge of April rains over a mossy ledge in the south of Burlington.

In the early days, Whigville had been a bustling, self-reliant community of mill workers and farmers replete with a local schoolhouse. Natives wouldn’t have thought twice to say, “I’m from Whigville.” All the more surprising, then, that shifts in economy and culture over the past centuries have been so dramatic as to see Whigville dissipate into a sparsely-peopled forest, an eponymous brook the only artifact that remains of the erstwhile hamlet which has otherwise vanished from the map.