Saugatuck Falls

Saugatuck Whitewater (Saugatuck Falls, Saugatuck Falls Natural Area, Redding, Connecticut)
“Saugatuck Whitewater”
Saugatuck Falls on the Saugatuck River
Saugatuck Falls Natural Area, Redding, Connecticut

The Saugatuck River issues forth from the wooded hills of Danbury, coursing miles southwards into Redding where it thrusts angrily through a notch between two rocky outcrops and descends into a shallow cauldron of whitewater.

For the first dozen miles of its journey through Fairfield County, the Saugatuck River cuts through heavily forested landscapes and possesses a remote atmosphere. This wild, woodland character changes dramatically as the Saugatuck approaches within a few miles of the Connecticut shoreline, widening into a broad, tidal estuary flanked by dense, coastal suburbs which crowd Long Island Sound.