Glen Falls

Okumsett Preserve (Glen Falls, Okumsett Preserve, Portland, CT)
“Okumsett Fringe”
Glen Falls on Cobalt Stream
Portland, Connecticut

Issuing forth from 80 acres of open water at the foot of East Hampton’s Great Hill, Cobalt Stream deftly meanders through hilly woodlands and surges over a 20-foot ledge before flowing onwards to join the Connecticut River.

The territory encompassing Cobalt Stream was believed to be rich in ores and precious metals as early as the mid-1600s and legends tell of Connecticut’s first governor withdrawing to his 800-acre claim in the surrounding forests to mine gold and cast rings. The area consequently came to be known as the “Governor’s Ring”, a title which fell out of usage after a century and a half of failed mining operations left folks believing that was just a tall tale.