Prydden Brook Falls

Prydden Brook Falls • Newtown, CT
“Paugussett Wildlands”
Prydden Brook Falls on Prydden Brook
Paugussett State Forest, Newtown, Connecticut

Eagerly racing through the uplands of eastern Newtown towards the basin of Lake Zoar, Prydden Brook emerges from troughs of forest-shaded hills and descends some thirty feet over mossy, boulder-crowded ledges.

Prydden Brook Falls is encompassed by the lower block of Paugussett State Forest, a 1,200-acre expanse of woodlands that tightly contours the impounded waters of the Housatonic River in Southern Connecticut. Prydden Brook can be especially temperamental throughout the year, especially during the later months of summer. A stubborn dry spell may parch the brook’s watershed completely, rendering the falls silent until they are once again reanimated by rains or meltwater.